The Beast: Mode or Possession?

 the beast
The beast as depicted in revelations with the Whore of Babylon riding it with her booze

“Rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.” (Revelation 13:1)

horns and toungeBy Todd Lee M.D.

Beast Mode

I find it strange how frequently this is tossed around. I’m jealous. I want to have a beast mode. A state I can turn ON to become more aggressive and more angry. A state which lets me lift more weight and break through PRs.  I would find a way to trigger this change, perhaps caffeine, perhaps Anadrol right before a workout.

This is in fact the premise behind modern pre workouts.

But I don’t have a beast mode. I am The Beast.

I have to find ways to control and suppress the rage.  Many people ask why I am always listening to metal. That’s my lullaby. That is a cathartic soothing that keeps the rage asleep. Light soft music makes me extremely angry and I want to smash the speakers. I hate the sound of silence because that’s when my mind speeds up to an uncontrolled level, it gets to the point I can’t concentrate. But speed metal at 144 bpm or more with 16th notes regulates my mind and heart rate to about 144 bpm. Music slower than 80 and I can’t lift, my heart rate is being suppressed, not accelerated.

Why is this relevant? Because I think when people talk about beast mode they mean adrenaline. They are talking about a state of yang imbalance where they are bursting with explosive positive energy. Whether they cause this state with caffeine or pre workouts or oral steroids makes no difference. But the beast to me is not this.

To me, the Beast is the id.  It’s your primal instincts that are located in your reptile brain. Fuck, kill, eat: the three things the beast enjoys.  Many people can’t believe that a man so educated is so simple and basic. That I have no higher purpose and no higher calling. I do, but my self actualization (Maslow’s top tier) is just a whisper compared to the roaring of the beast, unless it’s soothed or tuckered out.

Taking Your Beast For A Walk

Do NOT stick your fingers in the feed slot!!
Do NOT stick your fingers in the feed slot!!

Sometimes you have to let your beast out of its cage. You have to let your id run the show. You take the leash off.  Just let the devil on your shoulder possess you and do wicked things. Why? It’s fun, that’s why!  As long as no one gets hurt, what’s the harm right?

The most productive means is called sublimation (one of the 3 healthy defense mechanisms) and a great example is lifting weights! It’s like taking your beast for a walk, or a run rather. Afterward, it’s just snoring soundly in its cage on a pile of your former enemies’ bones.

Cheating on your diet is another good example. Many women will starve themselves all day then break down and fill up on alcohol and chocolate late at night. Then complain about their bodies.

I don’t do this.

As soon as I have a craving I ask myself, “Do I have to cheat?” No of course not, I can choose to stick to my diet.  But I can get away with cheating.  If I’m craving chocolate I can get one 25 cent york peppermint patty at the gas station and be satisfied. I simply toss the Beast a chew toy and keep it busy while I go about my day.  I find it foolish to deprive myself and have the Beast snarling in its cage clawing anyone dumb enough to come close.  The amount of social damage my beast does to my life when it’s unhappy with me is astounding.

Chemical Basis For Evil

So if there is an id: the instinct, the need, the want, the desire, then there is an ego. Ego is the will and means of satisfying your id. Counterpoint to the id is the super ego. The superego is the angel on your shoulder that tells you not to obey your id.

Super ego is a learned behavior. It’s implanted by society and for the majority of human existence was the spiritual and religious leaders responsibility.

So, in a nutshell, id is original sin.  Ego is the education to satisfy those urges (the apple the snake (Lilith?) tricked Eve into biting) and the superego is learned from going to church or its equivalent. Something that doesn’t really exist anymore. Let’s face it, who is going to get spiritual and moral advice from an institution known for raping children? O.J. Simpson?

The current atheist/capitalist culture is strong on education (ego) and liberalism ( providing the option for id indulgence) but pretty sparse in the morality department (superego).  The consequence is a society about not getting caught.  Even a purely evil (antisocial personality disorder, formerly called psychopath/sociopath) won’t do criminal things if they know they will get caught. So, since I can cheat on my diet without consequence, I do.

Since most diabetics don’t understand what a carb is, let alone their body or how easy it is to correct their disease, they just eat whatever they want and just take more insulin.

No consequence = no change in behavior.

There comes a point that you’re so hungry and carb deprived your body doesn’t have enough blood sugar to maintain all of your brain functions. Since executive decisions and brain-mouth filtering are lower priority than breathing and thirst, these get shut down for energy maintenance.  These “less important” parts of your brain is where your superego or conscience reside. Thus, as your carbs drop, you become more heartless.

This is called HANGRY: when you’re so hungry the beast is doing your talking for you. There is no filter, the forebrain of your cerebral cortex is shut down due to low blood sugar. In Freudian terms, you’re so hungry you no longer have a super ego. You’re hungry enough that you have no conscience.

“I’d cut a bitch for a bowl of oatmeal,” former 2012 Bikini Miss Michigan would say, as she stared murderously at a woman enjoying breakfast.

No one will understand until they are so hungry they have an out-of-body experience. Until it’s you watching you do horrible things, either saying cruel truths or slamming your fist, you think you’re in control. But there is a point where you’re so hungry the Beast slips its collar, bites through its cage and savagely shakes the shit out of your carefully constructed life.

The God of War is great when you need him, but most of the time keep that shit on lockdown.
The God of War is great when you need him but most of the time, keep that shit on lockdown.

I, for one, don’t want my beast in control.  It’s shattered my life to splinters on numerous occasions and I resent the happy hippies who can just “Beast mode ON” like it’s a staples Easy Button. For me, it’s about keeping the Beast on a tight leash and only letting it play in a few areas like the weight room and a few other situations…


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