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T4R or Training For Ragnarok is a training system I developed for my army of loyal followers: Operation Ragnarok. The premise is that in Ragnarok (the final battle), all the Asgardians (Thor, Freya, Baldur, Heimdall, and the king of the gods; Odin) perish while protecting Midgard (Earth) from Loki, Fenris, The World Serpent and an army of Jotun (frost giants). But the Asgardians don’t know their fate! They train for Ragnarok with inhuman intensity and endure workouts which would kill a normal mortal. But by spending one week, and only one week, with each Asgardian a mortal could conceivably survive their training and perhaps Ragnarok; The Twilight of the Gods.

T4R has 4 different weeks and each week is a completely different training system. I modeled each week off of the training theories of different legends in bodybuilding and then attributed which Norse god I thought fit best.

The theory is, if you do one style of training all the time, you get over trained in some ways and under trained in others. With this protocol, it alternates heavy and light weeks so that your resting one muscle fiber type while you’re training the next.

T4R Shoulder Workouts 

The shoulders are the most important body part for men to develop. No matter what you’re wearing, they are visible through any clothes and are one of the things that women are attracted to and men intimidated by. Simply put, your basic size is the area you occupy in someone’s field of vision. So, if your height times your width is how intimidating you are and you can’t get taller, then getting wider is the only way to be more impressive to either gender. Thus, getting bigger delts really changes how you appear, since it’s the delts that determine how wide you look.

Developed Upper back muscles like the traps and Rhomboids prevent rotator cuff (rotory cup) tears.
Developed Upper back muscles like the traps and rhomboids prevent rotator cuff (rotory cup) tears.

The shoulders are a delicate muscle group which are a series of muscles literally just holding your humerus to your scapula and that itself just floats there. It is important that for all pressing motions you retract and depress your scapula firing your lower traps and rhomboids. This prevents supraspinatus tendon tearing (rotator cuff).

Notice the top muscle? the supra spinatus,? notice the white stuff that has to slide under the bone? thats the Supraspinatus tendon and that's whats torn in
Notice the top muscle? The supra spinatus? Notice the white stuff that has to slide under the bone? That’s the supraspinatus tendon, and it gets torn in “rotory cup” injuries which happen to most lifters who haven’t read this article.

The rotator cuff is actually four muscles: The supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis and teres minor. Other shoulder muscles are the teres major (works like the lat), long head of the tricep (functions like rear delt), Rear, middle and anterior delts, lower, upper and middle traps, coraco brachialis, scalines , levator scapulae and to a lesser extent, the sternocleidomastoid. And of course our friends the rhomboids!

Now, of all those muscles the only ones you’re trying to grow are your delts and upper traps. The consequence of neglecting all of those upper back muscles is your shoulders roll forward and give you a hunched over/hanging trap look. Having a complete shoulder area with middle/upper back muscle stability gives you better posture and you’re less likely to have rotator cuff, lower back or knee injuries later in life.


For that reason, I always like to use the rear pec deck to warm up my shoulders. 6 sets of 12, not to failure, will activate all the muscles of the upper back and delts, even the triceps. Preforming these with a neutral (thumbs up) grip targets the middle delts. Thumbs down grip gets the rear delts. Thumbs in gets the middle traps, and high hand placement gets the lower traps and Rhomboids.  So I don’t do all 6 sets with one grip, I do about 2 or 3 sets of each of the first two grips.  I might even do super sets or tri sets and throw in the other 2 variations listed as the second half of the super set.


Memorize that Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week 2: Freya

Goddess Of Sorcery, Her Week is confusing but the best pump you'll have ever had if done correctly!
Goddess Of Sorcery, Her Week is confusing but the best pump you’ll have ever had if done correctly!

Week 2 is Freya week. Freya was Head Sorceress of Asgard and leader of the Valkyries; Odin’s Battle maidens. I modeled this week off of Kai Green’s training and it’s great for men but exceptional for women. Women could in theory do Thor, Freya, Freya, Freya each month, skipping the 3rd and 4th workouts and just working strength and endurance/conditioning and not focus on size if they are Bikini models and not Women’s Physique competitors.

For men, once a month is plenty, as endurance isn’t our main goal, size is and this will make you bigger and help you recover from the three other heavier weeks (like a deload week). Unlike a deload week, you’re going to do way more volume, working your Type 1 fibers and giving you the most insane pump in your life. Rest should be 30-60 seconds for these sets; 30 seconds for maximum pump, 60 for maximum growth hormone release. If you have a partner, you do part A, he does Part B then you switch for 4 iterations then go to the next station. Weight does not matter, pump and contract the reps through ideal range of motion and perfect form and tempo squeezing every contraction.

Of course use the rear delt machine to warm up as I did everything possible to emphasize above in the MOST IMPORTANT PARAGRAPH AND VIDEO!

Smith BB Military Press

Super Set (SS)

Smith Behind the Neck Press

4 x 15

I use the intention method Kai Greene and Ben Pakulski discuss in their training videos. In a press, you push the bar together as if you’re trying to collapse it in on itself like a car antenna. This activates the upper chest and traps. When you start failing, pull the bar apart, this activates the delts and triceps.

Arnold Press


Shoulder Press

4 x 15

Using the same weight you just regress to the easier exercise after you fail with the arnold press. Re watch the MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO to see how to do the Arnold Press.

Lateral Raises


Upright DB Rows

4 x 15

Again a regression. After you fail with the weights, you just let your triceps go lax and the lever arm length just gets shorter, making the load less. It’s like a drop set really.

Front Raises


Underhand Press

4 x 15

The front raises pre exhaust the area then the underhand press allows the triceps to help out and squeeze more life out of the upper chest and delts. This isolation to compound superset theme is common in Freya week.

Behind the Neck Pulldown


Bent Over Fly’s or rear delt cable crossovers.

4 x 15

By working the range of motion you would with the behind the neck press, you end up pumping up the rear delts AS LONG AS YOU are pulling the bar apart, otherwise it’s just lats.  Supersetting with rear delt flys really finishes them off and gives the most insane pump in the delts.

Face Pulls from the ground


BB Shrugs

4 x 15

The face pulls pre exhaust the traps and finish off the middle and rear delts plus work the rotator cuff after you’re done with it for the day. Then the light shrugs finish off the traps. Obviously women who want to stay feminine don’t do shrugs…but not all women want to be feminine. 


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All claims are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.


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