Smith Bench Video

Smith Bench

People Bitch about the smith. Forget them.  I like it for a number of reasons. One reason is you can use more weight. Like this video, its 315 but a smith so its not 315.  With a smith you knock off about 30 lbs unless its a super old one like the one at Iron City.  Even when you subtract the 30 lbs the smith removes, you got 285 lbs there.

Now I have a hard time with 245 free weight. Why? Because my stability muscles are not up to snuff with weight almost one and a half times my weight. SO by using the smith I can handle the equivalent of 285, 40 lbs load more than I could put on my chest and triceps if I used free wights. Do free weights have their place? SURE! I use Barbell and Incline Barbell and Dumbbells but today I’m talking about the smith.

Another advantage of a smith is you can use it by yourself, you don’t need a spotter. For instance despite having a spotter in this video, I couldn’t have her spot me with free weight over 200 lbs.  Or Dumbbells over 70.


Why would I have my feet back? Some people think  driving through the heels helps, but if your heels touch the butt comes up off the bench. Can’t have that!! By arching my back the bar can come to the nipples but this way the shoulders are behind and down: it protects the rotator cuff by not protracting the scapula.  For more info on this part of the Thor Chest Workout, checkout T4R: Chest!!

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