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ValkyrieT4R, or Training For Ragnarok, is a training system I developed for my army of loyal followers: Operation Ragnarok. The premise is that in the final battle all the Gods perish while protecting Midgard (Earth) from Loki, Fenris, The World Serpent and an army of Jotun (frost giants), but they don’t know this!  The mighty Asgardians train for Ragnarok with inhuman intensity and endure workouts which would kill a normal mortal. But by spending one week, and only one week, in each God’s shoes, a mortal could conceivably survive Ragnarok!!

T4R has 4 different weeks and each week is a completely different training system. I modeled each week off of the training theories of different legends in bodybuilding and then assigned the Norse God I thought fit best to each week. There are more weeks for Odin, Baldur, Heimdal, Hel…but I haven’t gotten those out yet.

The theory is, if you do one style of training all the time, you get over trained in some ways and under trained in others. With this protocol, it alternates Heavy and Light weeks so that your resting one fiber type while you’re training the next.


If you’re such a berserker warrior, you already want to tear people’s heads off and drink from their stump, You don’t need the stimulants. But if you’re not I made Fenris Fury for you!! Pre-workout you should imbibe for Rage, Focus, and a skin tearing Pump Is Fenris Fury.  I made it for this T4R training specifically and It is my favorite and Best preworkout I have ever developed!

To Join The Winning Team and Get On T4R Click Here!!

To See An Explanation of T4R Watch This!!

Week 2: Freya

freyaFreya was Queen of Asgard and leader of the Valkyries (Odin’s battle maidens). I modeled this week off of Kai Green’s training and it’s great for men but exceptional for women! Women could in theory do: Thor, Freya, Freya, Freya weeks each month, skipping the 3rd and 4th workouts and just working strength, endurance/conditioning and not focus on size, if they are bikini models not women’s physique competitors.

For men, once a month is plenty, as endurance isn’t our main goal, size is and this routine won’t make you bigger. It will help you recover from the three other heavier weeks (like a deload week). Unlike a deload week, you’re going to do way more volume, working your Type 1 fibers and giving you the most insane pump in your life. Rest should be 30-60 seconds for these sets; 30 seconds for maximum pump, 60 for maximum growth hormone release (fat loss ladies). If you have a partner, you do part A while he does Part B, then you switch for 4 iterations, then go to the next station. Weight does not matter here.  Pump and contract the reps through ideal range of motion and perfect form and tempo while squeezing every contraction is.


Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All statements are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.



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