Meldonium Scandal

By Todd Lee M.D.



Tennis Players take Drugs Too? Why?

This one is unfortunately a no brainier.  This poor woman has been using the same drug to increase vaso-dialation for 9 years and the  anti doping agency makes it illegal. She is completely unaware and continues to take it. then pops dirty. Why? Why make it illegal?



Meldonium is nothing more than heart failure medication. It isn’t fancy by any means. It just increases nitric oxide levels and dilates the blood vessels like any decent pre workout does, but just the nitric oxide part, not even the endurance benefits of caffeine! This drug she was ‘dirty’ for is unlikely to provide the performance enhancement benefits as strong as any Rockstar, Red Bull, or over the counter pre workout every one of us takes every workout. I cant imagine it’s as strong as the strongest pre workout of all, Fenris’ Fury!

So now this poor woman is fined for money when she is using something which is probably as strong a benefit to her endurance as 3 cups of coffee would be. totally raw deal for her. total bullshit really. The athlete is responsible for knowing if what they take is illegal but the rules change every year and this is not a real drug. It’s less performance enhancing than if she used an asthma inhaler.

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