Todd Lee MD – Medical Doctor, Biochemist, National Champion Bodybuilder


I grew up in a nutrition and exercise focused home. My parents saw the value in nurturing my curious nature and bought my first computer at the age of 5. Excelling at both standardized tests and athletics, I received several scholarships to help pay for my education at The University of Michigan. During this time period I made ends meet by working as a substance abuse counselor, janitor, pizza delivery driver, alcoholism hotline operator, and waiter.

After graduating from U of M with a Biochemistry/Psych degree, I was accepted to Wayne State University School of Medicine to pursue my graduate degree. While awaiting acceptance into medical school, I focused on the field of Neuropsychopharmacology. My focus in medical school was Neurosurgery, but a love of fitness and nutrition led to Sports Medicine.

During my residency at St. Joseph Mercy, I began training and competing in the sports of powerlifting and bodybuilding. I used my knowledge of proper nutrition and human anatomy to excel in these sports while helping to impact several of my patients to lose weight and drop unnecessary medications. I have found an immense amount of satisfaction and happiness using my knowledge and skill set to successfully aid my clients in achieving their fitness goals and improving their quality of life.

Academic Achievements:

2009 Ross University School Of Medicine honors program – Doctor of Medicine

2005 Wayne State University School of Medicine – Master of Science in Neuropsychopharmacology (In Progress)

2003 University of Michigan – Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and Psychology

Athletic Achievements:

  • 2015 1st Place NPC Michigan State Championship
  • 2012 1st place IFBB North AMerican Championships
  • 2011 1st place NPC Michigan State Championship
  • 2010 4th place IFBB North American Championship
  • 2010 1st place and best raw lifter APF Great Lakes Open regional power lifting championship
  • 2009 1st place NPC Western Michigan State  Championship

Clients Athletic Achievements:

  • 2014 IFBB Panamanian National Championship Men’s Physique Overall Winner
  • 2013 Masters National Bodybuilding Bantam Class Winner
  • 2013 Natural Northern Michigan Bodybuilding Championships Light and Heavy Class Winners
  • 2013 NPC Michigan State Championship Bikini short and tall class winners
  • 2013 NPC Michigan State Championship Bodybuilding Masters and Bantam class winner
  • 2013 NPC John Simmons Classic bantam bodybuilding and Bikini Overall winner
  • 2012 NPC Michigan Bikini Short class winner
  • 2012 NPC Flint Bikini Overall winner
  • 2012 NPC Great Lakes Bikini Overall winner
  • 2012 NPC Grand Rapids Bikini Class B winner
  • 2012 Ohio Natural Bantam Class Winner
  • 2011 Western Michigan Bodybuilding Lightweight Class winner
  • 2011 Iron Man Bodybuilding Lightweight Class Winner
  • 2011 John Simmons Classic Bikini Overall Winner
  • 2010 Central States Bikini Overall Winner
  • 2010 Ron Love Classic Bikini Overall winner


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