Documents proving I am who and what I say I am.



I got a 95!!!!!

My Medical Diploma.

Having one of these makes you a Medical Doctor. It’s a title granted with a degree and has nothing to do with working for a hospital wearing a white coat.

They let anyone wear white coats these days.  Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Physician Assistants (PA) for example. They are not doctors. (I went 10 years year round and worked many jobs to pay my way, the equivalent of 15 years of college. Some nurses go to school for only 2 years. I prepped for 2014 nationals for 2 years ). The two levels of knowledge cannot be compared.

ECFMG Cert - Todd0008
Evidence I passed my Clinical Skills (USMLE STEP 2 CS)
USMLE Step 1
I got a 95! Thats out of 100. This is SAT for people ending Medical School to show how much you know about the human body. This is one of the most important things about me a potential client should know. 
Evidence I Passed USMLE Step 1

ECFMG Cert - Todd0007Evidence I completed USMLE Step 3


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  1. I will copy the Accreditation’s to show my primary Dr., that way he can write a letter to who ever it may concern that he want’s you to be my coach to get my body back and this also part of my rehab and that I am to follow your training program.Being on Disability you need this stuff and the goal is to get off disability no way am I living on the system the rest of my life,plus i want to get some sort of degree to help Veteran’s or who ever with PTSD too.

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