Incline Barbell Press


Incline Barbell Press is my favorite exercise for chest. The angle to grow a chest is 30°. Pay RAPT attention to every word I speak in this video as this is a unique approach to benching called Guillotine pressing and is ideal for the upper chest.

Now in this video I'm using a Smith Machine 

This provides several benefits. 

1) No spotter needed

2) For heavier weights (the 8 or less reps ranges) it is less dangerous as the stabilizing muscles dont give out before the principle muscles. Thus for a progressive resistance program ( mine, yours) this is ideal. Were training the Chest not the rotator cuff! 

3) Beceasue you can line it up precisely with your clavicle at 30° you dont need to stop at your chin. This superior angle to the free Weight's 45° means we can get to the clavicle. At 45 the bar would connect with the chin thus we must stop at the chin. 

4) you can adjust your grip to avoid elbow pain by going out and shoukder pain by coming in, and since it's on a track the 2 arms dont need to be doing the exact same thing. One can be in 1 inch narrow while the other 1 inch wide to create the most pain free lift, which allows you to recover faster. 

In this video I was doing 3 minor things which cannot be done with the free weight. I think the Smith is VASTLY Superior to Free weight barbell for this reason WITH HEAVY WEIGHTS WHILE DOING PROGRESSIVE RESISTANCE IN THE SPORT OF BODYBUILDING. I bold faced that so you dont miss any of the conditional operatives. If your. a powerlifter, not doing progressive resistance (spinning your wheels) and or your not going heavy (12+ reps) Free weight is probably better. 

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