Kolton Luke's invoice

$ 2,400.00



Coaching Program Includes!

*Custom Diet

*Training routine

*Supplement Cycle

*Weekly Progress Check

*Blood work review, contest prep and additional services as necessity demands

You’re A Doctor Who Coaches?

Regardless of what your goals are, I have helped someone like you.

Morbidly obese? I’ve fixed it.

Knees hurt so you can’t do squats? Fixed it.

Can’t get shredded for a show? Fixxed it!

Got divorced? Need to get back into shape and date again in 2019? Fixxxed it.

Got run down in a hit and run vehicle accident and are in constant pain? Fixed it!

Need to lose 30lbs before your wedding in 6 months? I have fixed that too!

Gave yourself gyno because you prescribed yourself steroids based on information from online forums?? Fix that every day.

From knee surgery, to bariatric surgery, to open brain surgery, and to delivering babies: I’ve done stuff so cool and so gross you would puke or faint. Therefore, I believe I know the human body inside and out better than any diet guru or personal trainer out there. I’m great with rehabbing injuries but I’m THE Vasili Zaitsev of diet and cycle construction.

So You Think Your Plight is Mighty?

A lot of people think that getting women ready for a bikini competition is easy and helping people recover from serious injury or obesity is hard.

You’re wrong.

It is much easier to get someone out of the negative and to a healthy state then it is to take someone from healthy and move them to the pinnacle of the human state.

Bikini or bodybuilding contest training has had former navy SEALs puking and begging for mercy. Many ex-Special Forces members have quit doing a bikini booty workout. According to them, what NPC\IFBB competitors do is much harder PHYSICALLY than special forces training.

Thus if you’re size 14, it’s way way easier for me to make you a size 4 than it is to make a size 2 a size 00. It’s as true as the sky is blue.

My job is really easy. All I have to do is tell you how to eat and train. The pounds will fall off and/or the injuries heal if you actually can do it of course. The body wants to be healthy. It works WITH you to get to normal from diseased, and obesity is a life threatening disease.  More than 50% or americans are overweight or obese and almost all of them will die as a consequence of this disease. One way or another, it all comes down to you and taking responsibility for your body and what you put in your mouth.

The Results You Can Expect

I have helped many size 12s get to a size 4 in 8 weeks. Once I got a 6 to a 0 in 4 weeks BUT THESE PEOPLE TRAIN HARD!!!

All abnormal blood values should show improvement by the end of month 1. Within a few months you will likely not need your pills if you have metabolic illnesses like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

This is why I left the hospital and became a coach; I actually make people better and get them off drugs with my nutrition, diet, and training programs. This cost the hospital and the accountants who ran it, money. Like any capitalist institution, people don’t matter to a hospital - money does. I became a doctor to help people, not make someone else rich off the backs of the ill.

How We Craft the New and Improved You!

Training people and teaching nutrition is easy. The hard part is yours. You have to learn how to work hard and use self control and discipline.

I hold you to your training and diet by insisting on weekly checkins: Spreadsheets of your weights lifted and a screenshot of your weight graph. Nothing is as clear that you’re cheating on your diets as when the graph looks like a lie detector. If it is a series of downward slopes and periodic plateaus then we are doing our job of crafting you into your dream.

I establish your diet based on your medical history, goals and body specifics. It is basic for a week or two until we learn your body together, then the fun starts! Assuming your doing what your told, (following your diet, lifting the way I want you to, taking pictures and sending me the graph of your weight every Sunday) then you WILL MAKE PROGRESS.

Then there are those of you who don’t need to lose a ton of weight but instead want to get ready for a show.