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By Todd Lee M.D.Instagram

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Agmatine Sulfate

Wow. What a confusing supplement.  Seven years later and there is no clear understanding of this ingredient.  It has so many unrelated health benefits (improves memory, GH release, increased LH release, increased muscle pumps, increased erections) it sounds like fish oil.   Now, we all care about health but let's get real, we want pumps. So I could write 30,000 words explaining the exact pharmacokinetics of every single reported benefit of this popular ingredient but I’m going to focus on the pumps.  

Agmatine Enhances Pumps?: Yes or No

Agmatine has the most confusing reputation because it causes increased and decreased NO- synthesis.  So what's the deal? The deal is that there are 3 types of NO- synthase, the enzyme which converts Arginine to NO.  The type that your brain and your immune system uses, Agmatine inhibits. That's how it protects your brain and boosts your immune system.  However It activates the type in your endothelial cells! These  are the cells that line your capillaries which run through your muscles. more NO synthase activity in the muscles means there is more NO- made in the muscles from arginine.  

Agmatine Sulfate boosts NO- production in the muscles, diverting blood away from your brain and into your muscles.  Sounds perfect! Who wants brain activity anyway? When I’m lifting I want to be in the zone, feel my pump and nothing else.  

Agmatine in Pre-Workouts

Lately, every pre-workout has been throwing agmatine in but that doesn't really make sense. It needs to be on an empty stomach and takes about 2 weeks to actually start working.  It gives you a perpetual pump, one that lasts all day. NOW, you can take Fenris’ Fury pre-workout and get an exaggerated effect from the increased NO synthase concentration in the capillaries. Taking Agmatine on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is ideal, like you would DAA.  To take advantage of the GH releasing effect it needs to be on an empty stomach anyway.

For this reason I created Thor’s Hammer + ToddLeeMD.COM Test Booster combo pack. This  combo pack is the perfect amount of plant based GH releasing secretagogues, Agmatine Sulfate, and DAA.  This gets you the best possible results and muscle pumps from your Fenris’ Fury than an inferior pre-workout.

You will not find a better pump than taking Thor’s Hammer on an empty stomach first thing in the AM and Fenris’ Fury pre-workout.  I made this 1, 2 punch to knock out all the competition.

Test Booster?

I cleared up the issue as to whether Agmatine enhanced or inhibited NO synthase activity.  It turns out there are 3 types, and it activates NO synthase in the capillaries to give the muscle a perpetual pump, but deactivates the version of NO synthase in the brain.

It turns out that the inhibition of NO synthase in the brain may indirectly boost testosterone!  

NO- it turns out, inhibits the release of dopamine in a certain portion of the brain. Dopamine in turn acts on another portion of the brain to stimulate Luteinizing Hormone Secreting Hormone (LHSH). This in turn acts on the pituitary to cause Luteinizing Hormone (LH) to be released. Luteinizing hormone then migrates through the bloodstream to the testes to produce testes to produce testosterone, or the ovaries in women to produce testosterone which is then aromatized to estrogen.  

By using Thor's Hammer, not only do you increase the agmatine sulfate thus increasing LH production, you decrease estrogen 6 different ways!! to get the BEST RESULTS use Thor’s Hammer and Test Booster first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and then Fenris’ Fury preworkout!  The pumps and GH release will be UNREAL!!


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