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It's a running joke about guys who blend all their food. Chicken and Rice in a blender? Gross!

That's what I hear all the time. But, I've refined the process to be less gross. Promise. If you give me a bit of your time I can help all the hard gainers put on size. Since the biggest limiting factor to how big you can get is how much can you eat!

And the downfall of getting " too big" is really just getting a big abdomen. And a big abdomen is usualy from the massive amount of slowly digesting food in your intestines. Since if you have a small waist no one ever says your " too big" having a better digesting nutrition source lifts the cap on your aesthetic limit on size.

Sold yet? Getting bigger and having a smaller wasit convinced you to at least listen?

Ok so I wont grt into why I tried this but I had known about it for years.

I fumbled my way through the process. And it was gross at first

So instead of trying to cut corners just assume every detail is important. Just like my diets and training programs.

Step 1: Get a strong blender with at least 6 cups capacity. I use a 1200 wat blender made for food not just liquids.

Step 2: Fill it to 3 cups with water.

Step 3: Add appropriate amount of cooked chicken breast tenderloins.

Step 4: Add the appropriate amount of FRESHLY cooked jasmine rice.

Step 5: Add Battle Mead intra for flavor and better carb absorption or Battle Mead post if you want an extra 10 g of carbs per scoop and don't have at least 4 oz. Chicken in the shake.

Step 6: Add Lite Salt. It's a blend of K+Cl- and Na+Cl- so it's better than normal salt for loading muscle. I like to add about 10 g a day total spread evenly over my shakes.

I use 6 ounces cooked chicken and 2 cups cooked rice. For about 60, 120,0 or 720 calories.

If I'm really trying to grow I add dextrose to drive the carbs up where I need them. But I never use a simple carb unless its necesary.

Currently I have 3 of these on my low days and 4 on my high days broken up into 6 and 8 " meals " respectively. I make sure to have 1 tablet of Freya's Garden with every shake 

My daily macros are 300,600,0 + 1 cheat meal on low days and 400,800,0 +1 cheat meal on high days. Yes. It's that extreme.

Sad thing is this is a coast diet not a grow diet. But using this diet I added 8 lbs this year and am leaner than last year at this point in my offseason. So actually I gained 10 to 12 lbs wet mass and probably 5 lbs contest weight.

Give it a shot! You have nothing to lose and mass to gain!!