Is Deca Actually Bad For the Heart? Myth Busted! Posted on 3 Apr 20:01 , 0 comments

So there is an oppinion that deca is bad for the heart.

Well let's look at the science.

34 autopsies were done on bodybuilders and powerlifters ages (20 to 45). 12 died of homicide, 11 suicide, and 10 accidents. 2 the pathologist didn't know how they died, but thought they were poisoned....

So right there, the researchers are overlooking that although the purpose of the paper is to prove steroids cause heart disease, no one who was autopsied died of heart disease.....or any natural causes at all.

They found that there was among other things 7 had enlarged left ventricles and 5 had an increase in collagen relative to normal " " "athletes heart".  So only 7/34 had an Atheltes Heart and only 5/34 had collogen in their Athletes Heart.

For those who don't know, Athletes Heart is a normal change to the left ventricle which occurs when you are an athlete. The more intense the training, the more your heart needs to enlarge to get your body the blood and oxygen it needs. Your body also increases the red blood cell count so your blood caries more oxygen. 

This is why it's dumb to get phlebotomized, you need the extra hematocrit that's why your body made it!

Well the autopsies showed that the use of anabolic steroids cause a version of LVH that in addition to the athletes heart it also causes collagen to be laced throughout the cells.

This study didnt differentiate between if people were on deca or not, or if other steroids were just as likely to cause the problem, or even if 100% of them had LVH or not.  It was very sloppy in reporting findings. 

Again I want to point out that NONE of these men died from any heart problems. But over 34% died from homicide and 33% died from suicide. So your 1200% more likely to die from violence than you are from health issues if your a steroid user who lifts.

But they want you to belive steroids bad for you. It isnt that steroid users are MORE likely to be murdered or commit suicide, it's that they just don't die from natural causes so VIOLENT causes are the only way they CAN die. 

Now another study was done on just Deca. And a shitload mind you. It was done on rats. And the dose would be about 900mg of deca a week in an adult man.

The study had 4 groups.  Non trained no deca, (NT) trained No Deca (T) Non Trained Deca (NTD) and trained Deca (TD)

This study found that the trained without deca and the trained with deca groups lost weight. That no hearts were larger. But the left ventricle was grown in a healthy functional way by training.  In the non trained deca group the heart grew and was dysfunctional.  Not really dysfunctional mind you, just  slightly different.

The changes to the deca using lifting rats was the most pronounced. They had the functional heart changes and the collagen changes. So they fell in between the positive effects of training and the bad effects of the deca without training.  But had way way more collogen then just deca or just training.

Now a third study was much less biased. It just reported the facts plain. 

That the deca caused these rats to have a larger heart but it had collagen in it.

THESE RATS HAD LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE AND HEART RATE than the normal rats. So yes Deca causes LVH, and yes it even causes a Bad version with collagen fibers in it. But the ACTUAL effects on the animal was the heart works BETTER despite the scientist assuming the changes would be all bad. 

Please remember the take away points

1) Doctors want to scare you into trusting them and taking testosterone becusse that is what they make money pushing. If you knew you could use deca and it would work better they can't make money off you. So they didnt test testosterone and ITS effects at 900 mg a week on LVH, just deca. 

2) The rat studies were done on rats.  They dont actually lift weights so how can you, a weight lifting adult with a clean diet, be compared to a rat.

3) The study done on humans used already dead humans and supposedly they were using an assortment of drugs not just deca and only 7 had  LVH, but NONE OF THEM DIED FROM NATURAL CAUSES. It was accidents, homicide, and suicide. So despite these supposed wicked steroids being bad for your health, people are much LESS LIKELY TO DIE IF THE ARE ON STEOIDS then if they weren't!!!!!!

This all means to me that so what, there is a huge amount of collagen synthesis from deca. 240% increase in collagen synthesis. That's why it helps your joints.  If this collogen in my heart  isn't going to kill me the why give a shit?

So let's say you STILL care about the risk of LVH with collogen deposits.

Another study was done on rats that used a surgery to restrict blood out of the left ventricle to force LVH.  In non steroid using rats. All of them had collagen in their LVH. So clearly deca isnt the only way this happens. When the rats were given Gh then the procedure was performed there was less collogen in the LVH.  So one could conclude that if you were to get problems like a rat, then the solution the rat has of just adding Gh fixes this issue. 

Moral of the story. If you really care about having an athlete's heart with collagen then adding Gh gives you an athlete's heart without the collogen. So you can cancel the risk of deca with Gh. 

Obviously it's a theory, but extrapolating the bad results from a rat study means you need to also extrapolate the good results of a rat study.

References (if you read them, read them in order. And the whole thing not just the abstract)