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Freya’s Garden Multi-Vitamin

Despite what you might think, Pre workouts and test boosters arent the most important part of gaining muscle or losing fat. VITAMINS ARE!!

Without the essential vitamins and minerals, there will be no fat burning and no muscle growth!

Freya's Garden is the most important product in the Valhalla Labs Arsenal for this reason. It is the perfect combination of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, digestive enzymes, phyto nutrients and so much more!

Regardless of if your a man or woman, Freya's Garden is perfect for you!
Unlike other multi vitamins this isnt a 1 a day bs product. Some vitamins need to be taken multiple times a day. Freya's Garden is ideal for the 6 meal a day athlete, just take 1 tablet with each meal. But if you dont, you eat the normal 3 meals a day that's ok! Just take 2 tablets with each meal.

Unlike other products, this isnt just a multi vitamin.

Freya's Garden is many products in one!!
Freya's Garden is:

A Full Spectrum Multivitamin - Normal 1 a day doses are not sufficient for optimal health.

Digestive Enzyme blend – to help break down your food and better absorb your macros.

Probiotic Blend – To optimize colon heath and support a healthy immune system.

Phyto Nutrients – Plant products, because most of us have a hard time getting veggies in the diet. With Freya's Garden you don’t need to buy an additional green powder drink!

A Mega Dose of Vitamin B and the necessary minerals for optimal health and peak athletic performance!!

Iodine for maximal Thyroid function

Omega 3 for brain health and anti inflammatory benefits

Fiber for proper digestion.

Chromium for insulin sensitivity.

So, I combined all the essentials, like digestive enzymes, to allow you to break down your food, with probiotics to provide a healthy colon for a healthy immune system with all the fruit, vegetable, and herbs to provide the phyto-nutrients your “green” products provide, with a mega dose of the B vitamins and normal minerals for optimal healthy and athletic performance. Since your body is a machine this is regular maintenance and oil change if your chicken and rice was your fuel.  I didn’t skimp on the cool stuff like kelp for the thyroid and chromium for insulin sensitivity either!

Make sure to get your Freya's Garden immediately at!!