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[caption id="attachment_783" align="alignnone" width="336"]IMG_1412 I use all three of these ingredients year round so I stay lean.[/caption]

By Todd Lee M.D.

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The Three Best

Regardless if you’re an athlete, post cycle, or over 40, you may need to optimize your natural testosterone production.  Even if you're currently on cycle, this stack will protect your testes so you have virtually normal function when your cycle ends and you will be primed and ready for more PCT.

2,000 iu Vitamin D

Many men are Vitamin D deficient, especially after 40. Taking 2,000 iu of vitamin D daily is all you need to optimize your testosterone production machinery.  

3 g D-Aspartic acid

First thing in the am on an empty stomach has a number of benefits.  It improves memory, protects against brain cell damage, boosts the signal from your brain to your testes to produce testosterone and binds to your testes directly to boost testosterone.  Use this for 5 days then take 2 days off.  

Aromatase inhibitor

This is probably the most important thing you can do to improve your testosterone. Blocking estrogen production is critical to getting the highest testosterone you can naturally produce.  Estrogen is made from testosterone so every molecule of estrogen means less testosterone.  To make matters worse, estrogen has an opposing function to testosterone.  And the third reason you don’t want estrogen is it inhibits testosterone production.  

That’s the 3 easiest ways to boost natural testosterone. To get all three and many more useful ingredients check out the Thor's Hammer Combo Pack!  For more details on how to adjust natural testosterone through training and diet click here!


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