Gallbladder Stone Treatments Posted on 26 Mar 00:03 , 0 comments

Unfortunately there isn't a lot of great remedies for Gall Stones. Cholecystectomy or removing the gallbladder is the standard of care, which is frighteningly barbaric.

The reasoning is you don't need it. But without it, you will just have diarrhea every time you have a fatty meal. 


The Gallbladder stores bile which is made by your liver. It then squeezes the bile through a bile duct to your pancreas, which then releases it into your small intestine (duodenum) when you have a fatty meal and the stomach is done churning the food. Without that bile you really can't digest the mixture and you just get greasy diarhea called steatorrhea.

So by listening to your doctor and taking his or her advice you lose a organ you need to digest food. Now you have to have a virtually fat free diet the rest of your life.

Often, bodybuilders eat low fat diets and subsequently have gall bladder dysfunction when they DO have a high fat meal.  The bile just sat there in their gall bladder so long that it turned to sludge and eventually stones. Then when they go eat a fatty meal, the gall bladder contracts against the stones and pain radiates to strange locations based on the shared dermatome. Basically right neck, mid back, and around the liver.

So what do you do?

Eat a low fat diet but have some fat either a couple times a week or a small amount with most meals. This keeps the gallbladder squeezing and stops it from accumulating sludge.

In non bodybuilders the causes are female, fat, and forty. The 3 Fs of gallbladder dysfunction. Basically this heartless mnemonic is a trick we learn in medical school to remeber that most people who have gall stones are over weight women over 40.  Basically eating like shit with lots of estrogen for a long time fucks you up, and one of those organs which shows the poor health choices is the gallbladder.

If you want to be less female use Thors Hammer.

If you want to be less Fat use Wrath of the Valkyrie.

If you DO develop stones, there are methods which help dissolve the stones. None of these have any scientific evidence supporting their use, but they wouldn't. Hospitals make a fortune on surgery. So no one is going to pay for a study which ends up healing patients. That costs money. The only studies are on stuff you can sell or surgeries effectiveness.

The only evidence supporting a healthy option is on the chinese herb Gold Coin Grass. It prevents stone formation and theoretically can soften stones so people can pass the stones. Acupuncture also reduces the inflamation of the gall bladder and thus decreases pain and other symptoms.

China doesn't profit off the illness of it's people (or does it?), so it's more cost effective to heal people than keep them sick or cut them up and take organs out.

Artichoke has been found to help gall bladder function, but that could be just the high fat content of the plant.  Avacado is another high fat plant and more common in our culture.

Apple juice, apple cider vinegar, yoga, milk thistle are all popular treatments but have no evidence supporting them. Clearly the yoga is just a stress relief and thus an antiinflamatory which is really  good for overall health.

A gall bladder cleanse is a popular treatment and involves no particular theme or consistent ingredients. Although olive oil and a blend of the stuff mentioned above are common. One study found that the olive oil based cleanses helped reabsorb bile but didn't help with stones.

Remeber though, when they do do a study on healthy alternatives the people paying are paying to get the result the healthy alternative DOES NOT WORK. So if the ACOS (American College of Surgeons) pays for the study to prove patients have no hope and must get surgery, they make money. Which is how american medicine is done, as a business. Like If Exxon payed for a study to prove electric cars are better, they would pay the researchers to 'accidentally find' electric cars were NOT better. Thus more gasoline cars are purchased. This is done through 'Non-Profit' organizations which heavily depend on 'Donations' or their board of directors would stop being rich.

There are prescription medications which dissolve the stones but can take up to 2 years. 

Lithotripsy is using shockwaves to shatter the stones into smaller stones. Problem is it only works on 1 stone and only less than 2 cm. 

There are three surgical options that arent quite as bad as removing the gallbladder.  One is you use a needle through the abdominal wall and drain the sludge out of the gall bladder, the other two are less extreme versions of this. 

 My favorite failed method is injecting industrial acid into the gallbladder. On top of excruciating pain for the patient, the room fills with corrosive acid gas and can injure the hospital staff performing the surgery!  Can't make this shit up!! 

Take home point is do some research and try differnt methods to treat your gall stones before resorting to having your gallbladder removed. I dont advocate surgery unless it's a last resort. I don't like fatty foods, but I like leaking oil out of my ass far less and I want to keep my 'not leaking oil out my ass' organ for as long as I can!!