Agmatine Sulfate Boosts Testosterone! Posted on 10 Apr 20:59 , 0 comments

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By Todd Lee M.D.

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In my previous article “Agmatine sulfate”  I cleared up the issue as to whether Agmatine enhanced or inhibited NO synthase activity.  There are 3 types, and it activates NO synthase in the capillaries to give the muscle a perpetual pump, but deactivates the version of NO synthase in the brain.

It turns out that the Inhibition of NO Synthase in the brain may indirectly boost testosterone!  

NO, inhibits the release of dopamine in a certain portion of the brain. Dopamine in turn acts on another portion of the brain to stimulate Luteinizing Hormone Secreting Hormone (LHSH). This in turn acts on the pituitary to cause Luteinizing Hormone (LH) to be released. Luteinizing hormone then migrates through the bloodstream to the testes to produce testosterone, or the ovaries in women to produce testosterone which is then aromatized to estrogen.  


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