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Left: Before lifting on Fenris' Fury Right: After Lifting on Fenris' Fury Left: Before lifting on Fenris' Fury
Right: After Lifting on Fenris' Fury

By Todd Lee M.D.



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What Is Arginine and How Does It Work?

Arginine (L-Arginine) is an amino acid. Arginine Benefits athletes in a number of ways. It is one of the 20+ core amino acids that protein is made from. In the supplement industry however, when people converse about arginine benefits, what they are talking about is Nitric Oxide (NO-). Nitric Oxide is what makes the blood vessels called capillaries open up and allow blood to flow into the working muscle. There are many versions of L-Arginine on the market today, all of which work off the same basic mechanism:

Athletes consumes Arginine of some sort in a pre workout drink such as Fenris’ Fury

 The arginine is absorbed into the bloodstream through active transport in the intestines. For this reason you need to have your pre workout on an empty stomach or the pre workout won't clear the stomach and make it to the intestines.

Once in your blood, the Arginine will travel in your blood until it’s in a capillary where the Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) enzyme is present. Lactic acid from hard working muscle causes the blood vessels in that muscle to express the NOS which converts the arginine to NO. NOS can be up regulated by Agmatine Sulfate, that is why I put agmatine sulfate in Fenris’ Fury, and Thor’s Hammer.

What Are The Benefits of Arginine?

Arginine taken in this fashion will increase blood flow to the target muscle and increase your Pump. This is what makes the muscle get bigger, the engorgement of blood into the muscle to force the restrictive fascia to stretch. Obviously it will increase blood flow to any area that needs more blood, thus it will help with sexual function in both genders and healing injuries such as cuts and tendon tears.

Are There Side Effects to Using Arginine?


Unless you think the main effects are side effects due to not grasping the core concept. Arginine was not “invented” as a muscle building supplement. It is a amino acid which increases blood flow. Blood flow is great for a ton of different stuff in healthy people, building muscle is one of them.

If Arginine increases blood flow by decreasing the pressure in the veins then it will lower blood pressure. In people who already have super low blood pressure they could possibly faint. This ISN'T A SIDE EFFECT, this is THE EFFECT. Has this ever happened? Probably somewhere to someone. Will this happen to you? If you're that sickly that you can't handle arginine then you probably aren't cut out for bodybuilding.


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