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By Todd Lee M.D.


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Betaine is one of the most underrated supplement that a bodybuilder should use. This inexpensive supplement needs to be a staple along with whey protein and amino acids.

My Rating

5 out of 5;  Skin splitting pump!

What is it?

Betaine is derived from beets, spinach, and other foods. It is actually Trimethylglycine, an amino acid and is a methyl donor which regenerates Methionine back from Homocysteine. Methionine is important in cellular function. So, it stands to reason that increased availability of Methionine would lead to increased protein synthesis in stimulated muscle tissue.


According to Apicella, J. M., et al.  the protein in question is the IGF 1 receptor, which when enough Betaine was administered, had elevated levels for 24 hours. More receptors for IGF-1 means more growth.  IGF -1 is one of the most important factors for muscle growth along with cell swelling.  And you guessed it!  Betaine also drives water into the cell causing it to swell! This leads to more muscle growth (hypertrophy) and muscle cell splitting (hyperplasia). In other words, it actually helps you grow new muscle cells and makes the ones you already have bigger!

The Evidence

In a 2013 issue of, The Journal of The International Society of Sports Nutrition, a Springfield Massachusetts College study was detailed involving two test groups. The subjects were experienced lifters and followed an undulating weight-training program for 6 weeks.  The control group was not administered Betaine and had no changes in body fat, lean body mass or arm size.  The tested group, however, was administered 1.25 g of Betaine twice daily and increased arm size by 10% and fat-free mass increased 4 pounds while fat mass decreased 7 pounds.

My Take

My best guess as to why the mass gained was 4 pounds and the fat loss was 7 pounds is because the athletes probably weren't eating enough calories. That Betaine was so effective at growing muscle it had to burn the stored energy in the subject's body fat just to grow! So I would think that if they ate 500 more calories a day they would have lost little to no fat but gained 11 pounds of muscle on average.

How To Use It

The tested amount was 1.25 grams 2 times a day, but if it's underdosed, it doesn't work. Since there are no known side effects, I would use 2 grams twice a day just to be sure along with 2 g pre-workout and 2 g post workout for up to double the IGF 1 receptor expression and incredible results!  Remember to consume 2 gallons of water a day in order to take advantage of the cell swelling and insane pumps this amazing product has to offer!

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