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[caption id="attachment_248" align="alignnone" width="300"]By keeping my calories (Leptin) high I'm never that hungry, even when dieting! By keeping my calories (Leptin) high I'm never that hungry, even when dieting![/caption]

By Todd Lee M.D.

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What You Probably Knew

[caption id="attachment_734" align="alignleft" width="300"]leptin2 Bottom line: Insulin, which goes up with food intake, causes fat cells to release Leptin. Leptin stops you from craving junk food! GOOOOO Leptin![/caption]

The Leptin hormone is a recently discovered hormone. It is well known for its role in hunger and energy balance. Leptin is released by happy fat cells when they are full. This signals the brain not to respond to Ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Up until the discovery of Leptin, people (even me) thought that fat cells were just storage cells, not useful for anything and certainly not an endocrine organ.

What you probably didn't know is leptin is produced by multiple parts of the body and has receptors in other areas other than the hypothalamus!


[caption id="attachment_735" align="alignleft" width="300"]leptin1 This is your Hypothalamus...[/caption]

A gene was discovered that when absent, mice ate voraciously and got super fat. This gene, called DB, encodes for the leptin receptor on the hypothalamus. Thus, if you're born without this gene, you don't transcribe or translate the receptor and thus there is no where for leptin to bind and Ghrelin acts unopposed. It’s clear that leptin binding to the leptin receptor on the hypothalamus inhibits voracious eating. There are 8 mutations to the Ob(Lep) gene. It’s located on Chromosome 7 and the most receptive mutation was discovered in 2015. All mutations cause this receptor not to bind leptin and the subjects are incredibly obese from voracious eating.

Now the key to helping people resist overeating would be to:

1) Increase natural leptin production

2) Increase leptin receptor density on the hypothalamus

3) Administer a leptin supplement/Prohormone

4) Decrease ghrelin release

5) Decrease ghrelin receptor density

6) Administer a ghrelin receptor blocker

Now 4, 5, and 6 suck because we need the ghrelin receptor to get maximal growth hormone release. It’s the binding site for the Marus Alba in Fenris's Fury and Thor's Hammer to give you, along with Kudzu binding to the GHRH receptor. 3 distinct mounting synergistic growth hormone spikes which keep you burning fat all day long.  Of course growth hormone slows aging which is great especially for those of you who want to age as slow as I do.

The illegal drug family that bind to this site are the GHRP family. Read my incomplete guide on Growth Hormone Secretogogues here!

Leptin is not only produced in Adipocytes!

Leptin is produced primarily in the adipocytes of white adipose tissue. It also is produced by brown adipose tissue, placenta, ovaries, skeletal muscle, stomach (the lower part of the fundic glands and gastric chief cells), mammary epithelial cells, bone marrow, pituitary and the liver.

How Leptin Makes You Less Fat

[caption id="attachment_736" align="alignleft" width="300"]leptin4 So not eating enough causes GH and testosterone to go down, and cortisol to go up....No Bueno![/caption]

Leptin levels fluctuate wildly with different body fat levels. As body fat increases, the leptin levels increase exponentially. This is widely noticed by bodybuilders post contest. For a week or so, you simply can't eat enough junk food and then eventually, when you're at your set weight or set body fat % (which I think is a more accurate term than set weight), you are no longer hungry.

Leptin levels are quite high during the second half of sleep. This likely prevents you from waking up in the middle of the night hungry when your insulin levels are at the lowest and you're burning a great deal of fat. Obese people with obstructive sleep apnea produce less leptin overnight than those with a Cpap (positive airway pressure) machine. This implies that getting a good night sleep is necessary for fat regulation and appetite suppression. This confirms the urban legend that you need 6 continuous hours of sleep to get leptin release and those who don't, gain body fat over time due to increased appetite through the next day.

Leptin is increased by insulin, which makes sense if your body is storing fat, there would be no reason to be hungry.

Just like ghrelin makes you target high calorie foods, leptin allows you to resist those high calorie foods and make wiser choices. Leptin levels in the short term have more to do with calorie intake levels than actual amounts of body fat. Thus diets higher in calories and higher in actual exercise are emotionally less difficult than a low exercise, low calorie diet. The lack of calorie intake causes leptin levels to decrease allowing ghrelin to push you into eating more fattening foods. I for one, feel guilty as fuck when I cheat on my diet. Ok, not that guilty. Like I almost stepped on a worm guilty, but not ran over a racoon guilty.  

Leptin doesn't just act on the brain to adjust hunger, it also acts on multiple tissues in the body to regulate energy metabolism and all hormones, namely Insulin, Glucagon, Growth Hormone, Insulin like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) and glucocorticoids, like cortisol.

Ladies, If You’re Not Memorizing This….

Normally if a woman is on a strict diet or doing an intense amount of exercise, her menstruation slows or stops. This usually only happens if her body fat is low in the first place (approaching 11%). This decrease in energy intake causes a reduction in leptin. This leptin reduction causes a decrease in GNRH which subsequently causes less LH and FSH and thus less estrogen production. That lack of estrogen slows or stops menstruation.

In men, if this pattern was true, it would mean that leptin is important for testosterone release. This corroborates the bro lore that if your body fat is ‘normal’ you will make more testosterone than if your super lean and that if you're dieting hard, you have no sex drive.  This is likely because of the inhibition of leptin release from low calories and or low body fat being responsible for the decrease in testosterone and thus decreases sex drive. Of course Thor's Hammer will fix that!

Since leptin causes estrogen release, one theory for why obese female children go into puberty sooner is the increase body fat causes increase estrogen release which  initiates puberty. Now we know that leptin is that intermediary hormone!

To increase the body's ability to survive and being obese, leptin signals the brain to make the bones stronger and thicker! Wow, leptin sure is considerate by helping obese people stay mobile!

The Future of Leptin

Obese people, despite having higher leptin levels, don’t get thinner. Why? One reason is the appetite suppression effect from leptin eventually subsides and the body develops leptin resistance. Just like insulin resistance which eventually leads to type 2 Diabetes, leptin resistance is when there is so much leptin, that the receptors start to get downgraded. Considering leptin is part of the inflammatory IL-6 superfamily, extra leptin is not good! Thus, options 1 and 3 above are less than stellar but not as bad as 4, 5 and 6. This leaves option 2 which is to increase leptin receptor density as the best means of decreasing appetite.  This means to not starve people, but feed them AND work the shit out of them!

[caption id="attachment_737" align="alignnone" width="543"]leptin3 Not gonna lie, I almost puked in my mouth when I saw this. Just skip it if your mom used to say "At least your pretty!" to you as a child...or now[/caption]

One way this happens is the brains of obese people have less leptin than they have in the blood. Since the appetite suppressing effects of leptin only happen in the brain, this is bad.  It means that despite their increased body fat % and exponential increase in leptin levels, they get no more than 30% extra leptin where they need it, in the brain.

That sounds great but remember, the receptors are degraded, so despite there being 30% more ‘keys’ there are only 50% of the “locks.”

Amylin, when administered with leptin, caused reversal of obesity in obese mice. Amylin seems to increase leptin receptors (decreases leptin resistance). Sounds like we have our winner (#2 from above)!

Does modern medicine put 2 and 2 together to get 4 and start making Amylin a prescription drug? FUCK NO! That would be smart! They instead created Metreleptin; synthetic leptin. Why? Because people are stupid. It’s virtually impossible to explain to a patient what a hormone is, let alone a hormone receptor. You're sure as fuck not going to get the point across that by increasing the hormone, you down regulate the receptor. Thus, you can't explain to a patient that increasing the leptin receptor and decreasing leptin resistance is better than just adding more leptin, an inflammatory IL-6 cytokine.

The pharmaceutical companies know they can market a leptin drug because people have heard of leptin and think more means less appetite. The goal of the pharmaceutical company is to make money. Sure, they can make billions by releasing a drug that cures obesity, but they make trillions KEEPING AMERICA FAT! Think of all the pills they WON'T sell if people actually lost fat and got healthy?!

90% of chronic diseases are self inflicted through food abuse and addiction. Almost all the income of hospitals, doctors and pharmaceutical companies come from keeping these obese food addicts alive, but still sick and buying pills that won't help them. If the pharmaceutical companies did release the right drug to decrease appetite, they would lose 10-100 times as much money as they make. But by releasing a drug which people THINK will work they get to make money on that pill and on top of that, all the pills they are still selling!! 

The only good use of this drug would be after a severe diet; like a bodybuilding or bikini contest prep. At this low fat state with low caloric intake, all metabolism is slowed down. Remember how I said above you're hungry for weeks after a show? It’s because your body fat is lower than its set point and you're not making enough leptin to stop your high calorie food cravings.

The thyroid hormones are less active due to low leptin levels and many athletes pull a short bus special and go off their T3  thinking it's grow time. Now they accumulate fat hand over fist as their metabolism is slowed and they eat pizza, ice cream, and margaritas. Just stay on your diet after the post show cheat and add 250 calories a week or drop 5 minutes of cardio a day. you will refill, then grow lean mass

Ladies, I'm sure you know someone who abused the shit out of T3 and then gained a ton of unwanted body fat after their first show. They claim it's because they trashed their thyroid. It isn’t. They trashed their leptin levels from losing fat by abusing thyroid meds. The lack of leptin is why they got fat from drinking alcohol and eating ice cream after they were ‘off’ their diet.

There is always going to be that one woman who actually has a burnt out thyroid. But 99% of the people who get fat after a show is from eating like shit and going off all the supplements that got them their body in the first place. So instead, just do it right and eat clean and taper off the cardio post show, dont use extreme diaeting which lowers leptin and t3 then replace the t3 then to only drop the replacement t3 but not have the leptin levels back in place. IF your not sure how to reverse diet (or diet at all) then hire me, im great at this stuff!  

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