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[caption id="attachment_416" align="alignnone" width="300"]My Delt ad Tricep growth is due to IGF-1 and MGF Mid workout My Delt and Tricep growth is due to IGF-1 and MGF Mid workout[/caption]

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Mechano Growth Factor is awesome!  It is made WHILE you're lifting. That's right, in the middle of the set, your muscle cells are making MGF from your RNA.  For years we've been told, “you don't grow in the gym” but it turns out your body is trying to.  MGF is made from IGF RNA, with a modification.  It is also called IGF-1Ec.  This version of IGF-1, or MGF, acts immediately on stem cells called satellite cells, which donate nuclei to the muscle cells. This now allows the muscle cell to get bigger.  Drop sets in particular are believed to be responsible for MGF synthesis.  After this initial response, other versions of IGF are made from the liver to boost muscle cell growth.


Some researchers deny the existence of MGF in the body. They claim it could exist but we haven't proven it exists and if so, not in the synthetic MGF form.  These scientists reject the name MGF and claim it should be called IGF-1Ec.  I'm serious, people are angry and complaining that IGF-1Ec has a different name from the other IGF-1Es.  If you name one, why not name them all, right?  They acknowledge that synthetic MGF does work on a separate pathway (ERK) than the IGFs (AKT) and they don't have a problem with the synthetic being named MGF.  Their chief complaint is IGF-1Ec is called MGF.  Will do so until it's proven to be and do the exact same thing inside the cell.


In humans and mice, it was found that less MGF was present in exercised tissues of elderly members of the species than in young adult members.  When Growth Hormone (GH) was administered to elderly humans long term, their MGF levels were much closer to the younger human subjects. This seems to indicate that GH, or a downstream effect of GH, causes more MGF to be released during exercise.


Forums suggest dosage is about 100 mcg of synthetic MGF in a lagging muscle, post workout which is Very similar to IGF -1 dosing.  This is not surprising as this is very similar in function, as well as structure to IGF-1.

Let me point out that getting your dose off a forum is a very scary and not a smart thing to do. Yet, sometimes they are the only doses available. In other words, there are many breaks in the chain of certainty, lots of things that could be assumed true but are actually false.

Gene Doping

A study on rats found that a single injection increased muscle size by 25%.  This is through a viral vector of MGF called cDNA, modified to amplify expression. There is a way of detecting if the person has received the injection built in, so if in future sports, regulating bodies try to control gene doping.


MGF is a version of IGF-1 that is produced during resistance training.  It causes satellite cells to migrate to the muscle cell and donate a nucleus.  This causes muscle to grow. There are synthetic versions of MGF and MGF gene doping experiments currently being conducted.  




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