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By Todd Lee M.D.


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A PCT Cycle or Post Cycle Therapy Cycle is where you use more than one compound for variable lengths of time post cycle to return your natural testosterone production to normal.

Anabolic steroids provide your body with exogenous (from outside) hormones. Your body detects these and often decreases the amount of endogenous (from inside) natural testosterone produced. This lack of production of testosterone may result in loss of gains, and temporary testicular shrinkage after your cycle is over (post cycle). No your penis does not shrink, but optimal hormones are necessary for its optimal size and function to be achieved!

I invented Thor's Hammer to be used On Cycle to mitigate this HPTA suppression and enhance the testes production of testosterone while on cycle. Thor's Hammer can be used Post Cycle as well to further enhance this natural testosterone production and sexual performance.

The PCT Cycle

Simply take Thor's Hammer every day, with ToddLeeMD.com Test Booster 2 days on 1 day off starting the day after your last use of anabolic steroids or prohormones.

It is appropriate to follow the protocol below in regards to Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMS) and Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs).


Illegal Cycles

You will inevitably read of people buying research chemicals on the black market, and or counterfeit versions of breast cancer meds and running a PCT they read off an internet forum.

Don't do that!

Clomid, which is the incorrect choice for a SERM can cause blindness. Letrozole which is the incorrect choice for an AI may cause HDL suppression and loss of sexual function and drive at the doses that are recommended. And HCG has no clear or discernible dosing protocol, even when you get it from the pharmacy the insert has 7, not 6, 7 different dosing protocols.

Simply put no one has a clue, but this is the best stab at an illegal drug PCT protocol:

Days 1-10
HCG 1000 mcg a day

(continue with any AI protocol you were on durring the cycle)

Days 11-25:
1 mg Arimidex every day (AI)
20 mg tamoxifen every day (SERM)

Days 26-40:
1 mg Arimidex every other day (AI)
10 mg tamoxifen every day (SERM)

Now that's about 400$ in HCG alone, or you can just by Thor's Hammer and TLMD.com Test Booster and be done with your shopping right now for pennies on the dollar and a much simpler protocol.



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