Romanian Deadlifts: Second Best Deadlift Posted on 10 Apr 20:57 , 0 comments


This is my second favorite deadlift.  I like the dumbbell deadlift more but for anything over 180 lbs, the barbell is just easier to deal with.  Super heavy dumbbells are a pain in the ass to rack and unrack but this Icarian Deadlift platform is perfect for romanians.

The exercise starts in the top position.  You slide the bar down your legs like you're taking your pants off.  Kind of like a woman assuming doggy style position. Then you imagine dragging your feet back as you slam your hips forward as hard as you can at the same time retracting your scapula.  Kind of like your the guy in that same position. :)

Never do what everyone else does and just lower the weight with it not in contact with your legs. This makes it a lower back exercise not a hamstring exercise. You don't need to target or isolate your lower back.  It's worked in a plethora of exercises isometrically and need not be worked concentrically. It's a support muscle (or group of three), that's it.

8-10 reps is good enough for this exercise but as many as 12 is effective.  Any less and you're using too much weight which may cause your waist to get bigger from too much core activation.  For this reason, a belt to prevent said activation, might be a good idea. :)

Jason Juracek, being a "Howell Original" member of Operation Ragnarok showed up to work in the mandatory hood or black like any good Immortal.  He walked on the stairs till I arrived and crushed squats and leg press before doing deadlifts.  Thor would be proud!


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