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T4R or Training For Ragnarok is a training system I developed for my army of loyal followers: Operation Ragnarok. The premise is that in Ragnarok (the final battle), all the Asgardians (Thor, Freya, Baldur, Heimdall, and the king of the gods; Odin) perish while protecting Midgard (Earth) from Loki, Fenris, The World Serpent and an army of Jotun (frost giants). But the Asgardians don’t know their fate! They train for Ragnarok with inhuman intensity and endure workouts which would kill a normal mortal. But by spending one week, and only one week, with each Asgardian a mortal could conceivably survive their training and perhaps Ragnarok; The Twilight of the Gods.

T4R has 4 different weeks and each week is a completely different training system. I modeled each week off of the training theories of different legends in bodybuilding and then attributed which Norse god I thought fit best.

The theory is, if you do one style of training all the time, you get over trained in some ways and under trained in others. With this protocol, it alternates heavy and light weeks so that your resting one muscle fiber type while you’re training the next.

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