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By Todd Lee M.D.

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a pretty unique vitamin. It's fat soluble. We make it from sunlight. It is involved in bone formation and preservation. But today I am going to focus on its role in testosterone production: shuttling cholesterol into the testes to be used as the framework for the testosterone hormone.  

Vitamin Dee's Nuts

Cholesterol gets a bad wrap! It’s required for testosterone production. Vitamin D helps to shuttle cholesterol into the testes and that's where the cholesterol is converted to testosterone. In men with low levels of vitamin D, it’s frequently found that they also have low testosterone levels. More isn't always better however, when vitamin D reaches a certain point no additional Vitamin D results in more testosterone.  

In men with <50 nmol/l Vitamin D, testosterone was low, but Estradiol and LH were high. This indicates that the problem isn’t at the pituitary. It’s actually at the testes. This makes sense because the Vitamin D is a Cofactor for testosterone production in the testes.  Raising the Vitamin D concentration to about 80 nmol/l resulted in a leveling out of the testosterone production.  In an Austrian study administration of 3332 iu of Vitamin D was given to men with levels below 50 nmol/l.

Why 3332 iu? When you find out let me know. I couldn't come up with a more ridiculous number if I tried.  

The result of this administration was a doubling of the Vitamin D level in the blood. This means approx 100 nmol/l.  In the other study they determined the magic number was 8o nmol/l. We can deduce that this dose of 3332 iu is more than enough to optimize testosterone production.  Don't be surprised you can’t find a 3332 iu vitamin D supplement, the highest I know of is 2000 iu.  If all we need is 80 nmol/L, and if taking 3332 iu gets you up to 100 nmol/L, then assuming there is a linear model of absorption, (a huge assumption), then all you need is   1999.2 Iu....pretty close to the common 2000 iu pill.


Confused? Don't be. Take 2000 iu of Vitamin D per day. Then you can be certain that you are taking enough to get the maximum results from Vitamin D for the purpose of testosterone production. Vitamin D is very inexpensive. Typically a bottle of 500 pills / 2000 iu is under $20. Seriously, considering the price this is the cheapest thing you can do to boost your testosterone.  Or just use Thor's Hammer combo pack, which has Vitamin D and 9 other methods of increasing your natural testosterone levels as well as decreasing testosterone conversion to estrogen, blocking estrogen receptors, increasing natural growth hormone release 3 different ways as well as many other things. CLick here to get your Thor's Hammer combo pack!


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