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By Todd Lee M.D.

I’m not one for shameless plugs,but this is my baby. I created Fenris’ Fury in 2015 and it is the BEST pre-workout. I LOVE IT! The formulation is highly beneficial for both men and women!

Fenris’ Fury

Compared to any formula that I’ve designed in the past, Fenris’ Fury is far superior! It’s designed with a much stronger pump complex. It also has ingredients which permit the body to use more fat for fuel, rather than carbs.

In other words, Fenris' Fury was created to boost the muscle building and fat burning effects of your workouts most effectively. It functions best on a Carb Backloading Diet, as it’s design may  boost growth hormone, which requires a carbohydrate-free environment. Carbs are best after lifting, especially with Fenris’ Fury

Roughly  2 weeks before writing this article, I took Fenris' Fury for the first time. It was SO STRONG that I immediately came to the conclusion that all the other legendary pre-workouts were under-dosed. Fenris’ Fury has the proper dosing and ratios to provide you with an amazing workout and continued results as your training progresses! At the recommended 1 scoop, I was amazed at how strong it was. I had been using exclusively banned products before then and none compared to the effects of the new Fenris’ Fury! A basic pre-workout formula typically contains caffeine, creatine, arginine, beta alanine. In addition to these ingredients Fenris’ Fury has additions that may do the following:

  •         Increase natural growth hormone release in 2 different ways
  •         Facilitate pump in 5 different ways
  •         Increase IGF-1 receptors
  •         Increase androgen receptors

NOTHING currently on the market is this advanced! If you're on grey or black market performance enhancing drugs, bear in mind the statement above… Increased IGF-1 receptors and increased androgen receptors! No need to spell out the obvious!

Endocrinological Alchemy

How do you take a bunch of products and make them work together to alter the body's natural functioning to optimize fat burning and spare muscle while training?

Here is how:

5 Pump Technologies

These 5 ingredients work together synergistically to give you an awesome pump. Muscles grow in part from intracellular swelling called, "‘The Pump."  This swelling occurs because the worked muscles fill with fluid and increased blood flow. NO- is the molecule which increases blood flow.

Creatine Monohydrate (3 grams) - The standard weapon of choice for muscle growth. Creatine has been scientifically tested and proven to cause muscle cells to split and divide (Myohyperplasia).  It drags water into the cell causing intracellular stretching and eventually splitting.  When it is phosphorylated by Creatine Kinase, it can then donate a phosphate to ADP thus, generating a fresh ATP giving you bonus reps in the 6-10 rep range, the most important rep range for mass growth.  

Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (3 grams) - A nitric oxide (NO-) precursor.  The NO- is cleaved off the Arginine amino acid.  The Alpha-Ketoglutarate carrier helps the absorption from the gastric tract so more makes it to your blood and less is excreted as waste.  The NO- acts on the cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) second messenger pathway in smooth muscle cells which surround blood vessels to cause dilation.

Citrulline Malate (3 grams)- Backwards converts into arginine to give a second wave of nitric oxide release.

Agmatine Sulfate (500 mg) - Upregulates the Nitric oxide synthase enzyme (NOS). This means it makes nitric oxide (NO-) from the AAKG above! Agmatine sulfate upregulates NOS in the muscle but downregulates it in the brain and other areas. This shuttles blood to the muscle and increases the effectiveness of the arginine and thus, the citrulline. It also increases LH release in the brain.

Beet Root extract (500 mg)- This is a direct source of Nitrates (NO3-) which decomposes to nitric oxide (NO-) and oxygen (O2).  This means you get a direct source of nitric oxide in addition to the amount the agmatine sulfate synthesized from the Arginine (and indirectly citrulline).  Additionally, less creatine is used to generate the same work and power.  Since you're consuming oxygen in Fenris’ Fury, you deplete your body of oxygen more slowly and subsequently reach acidosis later in your workout. This means you have more endurance as you use less fuel and get greater pumps!!

Worked muscle cells open their Glut-4 transporter and accept the creatine monohydrate. This will drag more water with it into the cell.  As previously described, the creatine allows for more productive sets and thus more work and subsequently, more blood flow to the muscle for a positive feedback loop of muscle swelling.  The beet root extract preserves that creatine to keep the water in the muscle

6 Fat Burning Technologies

Caffeine Anhydrous


L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

Yohimbine HCl


Marus Alba

Caffeine - One of the most widely used drugs in the world which has an enormous amount of documentation on its effects.  Studies show that it upregulates the activity of almost every cell in your body, but, most people only take it to wake up.  Almost every fat burner is a caffeine pill with some useless crap, like raspberry ketones, added.  Ultimately, stimulants are used to burn fat. Being disciplined in your diet is critical. I’ve trained hundreds of athletes and even with good genetics and fat burning supplements, the diet must be right! However, with a good diet, stimulants like caffeine are the right choice!

In regards to exercise, studies show that caffeine may increase strength, increase speed, nullify pain, and increase fat burned during the workout as it increases endurance. Simply put, it allows you to work longer and harder to do more muscle damage.  You can burn more calories during and after your workout while in your Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption state and for subsequent days thereafter to repair the muscle.

Taurine (3 grams)- Is the amino acid which increases energy that made Red Bull popular and started the energy drink industry. Simply put, Fenris’ Fury blows every single energy drink away, hands down.  

With the right mentality, AND I KNOW YOU HAVE IT, + those two ingredients = increased aggression, focus, and metabolism to increase fat burning. Now consider the next 4 ingredients listed below working in tandem. If you want to incinerate fat while you train, Fenris’ Fury is the the only choice! READ ON!

Marus Alba- This is one of the greatest discoveries in sports nutritional supplements! Studies show that it contains a Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide analog which may bind to the ghrelin receptor on the pituitary gland and stimulate the natural release of Growth Hormone. I wrote an article on why this is better than injecting GH (in my GHRP-6 article).

Studies show that Growth Hormone causes the body to release fat (Triglycerides) from fat cells (Adipocytes) so it can be used for energy.  Yes, intense exercise, not cardio, releases GH, but it’s the ghrelin receptor, not the GHRH receptor that is bound. This should  results in a synergistic effect.  

Kudzu- This is another plant-based ingredient. The research that I have found on Kudzu has  blown my mind! Studies show that Kudzu contains peptides that may also bind to the Growth Hormone Releasing receptors. This is similar to  CJC-1295.  Can you imagine the effect of these two ingredients in your pre-workout? My background in biochemistry is paying off big time! I see this as a means to burn A LOT more fat while training in a carb free state. I don’t know of any other pre-workout that takes into account the increases the IGF-1 response resulting in Hypertrophy and Hyperplasia!!  You’re Welcome!

Yohimbine HCl (3 mg)- This targets the hard to burn fat zones on your body.  Naturally GH releases fat from everywhere but your gender-based storage sites. Yohimbine is amazing as a way to override this mechanism; lets women target their hip fat and men target their abdominal fat.  

L-Carnitine (1 gram) - L-Carnitine transports the fat to the mitochondria so it can be used for fuel.  It also may upregulate androgen receptors. With an increase in androgen receptor upregulation, testosterone can function much better! This is regardless if you're making it in your body with Thor’s Hammer, ToddLeeMD.com Test Booster or using a medication.

Here are 2 important muscle building compounds which are perfect pre workout:

Beta Alanine (1,600 mg) - When muscle glycogen is used in the glycolysis pathway for energy while performing sets with more than 10 reps, lactic acid is produced as a byproduct. This lactic acid is where the “burn” comes from while doing high rep sets.  Beta alanine reverses this process and regenerates pyruvate from lactic acid allowing for more energy, more reps and less burn.  Now you can train harder and, thus, build more muscle and/or burn more fat.

Betaine Anhydrous  - Betaine Upregulates IGF-1 receptor expression.  The IGF-1 hormone is probably the most important intracellular messenger for muscle growth and more receptors mean more muscle growth.  

Fenris’ Fury is the best Pre-Workout in 2015. It will be your best option for insane workouts, even when you're half dead from a hard contest prep or an awful day at work.  

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  • Note - Toddleemd.com Pre Workout has the same formulation as Fenris Fury with a different flavor. (Link for Toddleemd.com pre workout)

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Nothing in this article or on this site should be considered medical advice or as an endorsement to violate any law of the country in which you reside.  The information given is for fun and entertainment purposes only.  All statements are 100% dependent upon proper diet and exercise.  Please consult a medical practitioner prior to any diet and exercise program.